Saturday, March 5, 2005

ON THE ROAD with the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Richmond, Indiana is remarkable in its unremarkableness. However, this town has a Salvation Army, a Goodwill AND a no-name Jesus Loves You thrift store. I bought a fucking drop dead beautiful pair of old lady gold lame shoes at the no-name Jesus Loves You place for - ready? - ONE dollar. You can't even buy directions in NYC for a buck. Brand new. Some old lady died and left me her shoes.

This town has no vegetarian restaurants at all, and Jason and I are vegetarians, Tina doesn't eat much meat, and Rachel is trying out vegetarianism for a little bit. So, the most obvious answer then, would be Mexicano. We found some little place called El Chimichanga or something and ate there TWICE today. Good food, cheap, and get this - they CUSTOM MADE food for us off the menu! I ordered the chicken rice soup sans chicken - and like magic! No chicken.

More later...

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