Sunday, March 6, 2005

back to our program...

so, where was i...

currently, i'm at bard university in new york. we arrived about a half hour ago. it took us about 15 hours to drive here from indiana. we stayed at the shittiest hotel i've ever stayed at, and it cost 70 smackers. it was a super 8 - more like suck-ass 8. this entry will be written with no caps, special characters or exclamation points because i have no shift key at this student computer i'm sitting at.

the show in indiana was so terrific, besides it being little sibs weekend. jason joked that little sibs sounds like a disease you get...ha ha. little sibs are like a disease you get.

my set started out good and dirty, and within about ten minutes, the show director approached the stage and told me to knock off all the dirty stuff. so, i didn't, and the audience loved it all. the kids, too. when i got off stage, an 11 year old in the audience told me she loved me. awww.

the trachtenburgs were so terrific. jason was extra charming and funny on stage, though rachel seemed tired. it was a late show, it didn't even start until ten pm. they forgot the mountain trip slides, so the audience was bummed about that, but rocked it out with all their other hits, so christmas was saved.

at the end of the night, zak, a writer for the school paper approached me. he told me he enjoyed my set, bought a cd, had me autograph it - a first for jessica delfino on her own cd - and then he told me that if he was my boyfriend, he'd have sex with me. awwwwww, exclamation exclamation exclamation.

- i have a joke i tell about a boyfriend who'd never have sex with me.

all in all, the evening was a total success, even though jason and tina were briefly worried that they might get shit for me being so dirty. dammit, if they'll subject their own daughter to it, it couldn't be that bad.

this trip was pretty fun, though i hacked and coughed non-stop the whole time, and started my period mid-trip.

apocalypse lounge is still going on tonight at 7 pm, all you can take...abby rosen is hosting. get there at quarter of 7 to sign up. if you miss the sign up, you can always do the speed round at the end. everyone gets two minutes in the speed round.


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