Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The sin of this sketch isn't that it was offensive or wrong, the offense is that it was fucking boring. What would have been better is if they'd had a bomb threat sketch where they actually blew up the theater. That's what I would have done if I was in the festival. I would have bombed, I'm saying....

Head of comedy festival admits hoax bomb threat was inappropriate

From Yahoo exclamation mark news:

MONTREAL (CP) - The head of the Just for Laughs comedy festival admitted Friday a skit involving a hoax bomb threat was inappropriate on the same day that London was again the target of bombers.

"When I made the crack, we weren't aware of the attacks in London," Gilbert Rozon said.

"If we had known, we certainly wouldn't have done it."

On Thursday, a technician gave Stephan Bureau, who was hosting a show at the festival, a note saying there had been a bomb threat.

Rozon and two other people then emerged dressed as firefighters before he told the audience through a megaphone that it was "just for laughs."

Nobody complained, he said.

Rozon added that the gag had been conceived on Wednesday, a day before one person was injured when three London subway stations and a bus were the target of bombers.

Rozon said the hoax idea came about because Dieudonne, a French comedian who was being interviewed at the time, is often the subject of various threats for comments deemed by some to be anti-Semitic.

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