Wednesday, July 20, 2005


It's been awhile since I've written. I've been very busy doing a whole bunch of nothing that kind of translates to something, in my mind anyway, and hopefully will parlay into something worth while...if any of that makes any sense.

This is what has been going on as of late:

FAMED WRITER BYRON COLEY and SONIC YOUTH'S THURSTON MOORE reviewed my CD "Dirty Folk Rock" in the latest "Arthur" Magazine, and gave me a pretty nice review. I'm the first order of business in the column "Bull Tongue" and they even mentioned putting my song "Rock N Roll Pussy" on their Arthur compilation CD, if they ever make it. It's the best review I've received to date, and makes my "famous people who have heard of me" tally now at 3. (Including Wil Wheaton, who linked to this very blog not quite 2 years ago.)

In other news, I'm still poor.

But maybe this will help: I'm in the works with a distribution deal to put my songs on I-Tunes and Napster, as well as Yahoo! Music and other major on-line distributors. This is exciting to me as it means that if and when people buy my songs, I will get paid money. I haven't seen money in so long, I have started paying for things with sea shells and those blue "tickets" that they give you at rock concerts and amusement parks. (I have a lot of them saved up.)

They won't be up for at least 2 months, so don't bother to try to look for them, dude who has a crush on me, I mean, my Uncle In Law, Bruce.

I'm working on my second CD called "SuperDark" which was supposed to be out like, a year ago. I started recording it at Tickle Dracula Studio in Williamsburg. I don't know if that's the actual name of the studio, but it's the studio of my friend's band, "Tickle Dracula." They are a wierd hybrid of surf-rock and comedy. You can learn more about them at or And by you, I mean YOU.

Let's take a trip to Florida to visit my mom. Who's driving?

In closing, here is a poem:

I just cleaned out a damp, dank basement.
It was dirty and smelled like moldy vases.
But it was work that needed doing
I don't blame the cows for mooing
I wish I was in Canada for Just For Laughs
But I pissed off Jeff Singer, so he got the last laugh
So, instead I'll just be cleaning garbage out of someone's basement
Which is dirty and smells a lot like moldy vases.

And here's a joke:

JOKE: Why do men commit more murders than women?

ANSWER TO JOKE: Because women know what a pain in the ass it is to clean up blood!

I mean, am I right, or am I just covered in basement soot?

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