Friday, July 1, 2005

I am dying to leave NYC for awhile. I'm thinking of setting out on a tour, "Jewel" style. But these kinds of trips work better with some planning in advance.

I need suggestions of cities / comedy clubs / variety shows / rock clubs / events that I should look into performing at / in / on. Anywhere in the US is helpful, and I am planning on being in Edinburgh in August, so if anyone has some Scotland / England suggestions, that might be helpful as well.

As for people leaving obnoxious comments on my blog, why not be supportive instead? When was the last thing you did anything to make the world a better place, or even took a chance and did something interesting or creative? And community service to pay back for a crime you committed / high school year book club doesn't count.

And finally, comment board naysayer: As far as anything goes on this blog, I am the boss, and on this blog, I am perfect. You envy my creamy thighs and romanesque profile. You wish you had my round, curvaceous buttocks in your mouth!

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