Thursday, August 18, 2005


So, NY Press put a big nice pic of me on page 31 in their MUSIC section, but here's where it goes wrong:

1. The caption says, "Where Sarah Silverman steals her material". Sarah Silverman is funnier than me. Why would she steal my material? So SHE can live in a hot, smelly chinatown shanty and go from getting paid and dating Jimmy Kimmel to NOT getting paid and dating CXB? If her desire is to be more like me, I encourage her to dive into the Delf mess.

2. I'm not performing on that show. I was supposed to, but had to cancel to perform for the weekend down near Baltimore. All Stars Comedy Cafe is the name of the place. It's in a mall. In a restaurant called Jillian's. Someplace called Arundel Mills. I'm actually pretty excited. I'm getting paid - fuck yeah! I'm white.


Horse: Hey horse, did you hear about that bad heroin that is going around? People are using it and then they die.
Other Horse: I wish that would happen to me.

Ooooh, also,

3. NY Press forgot to credit the photograher, who is my friend, Nico.

And finally, this is neat:

4. Diane O'Debra is on the right in the red dress in an ad for Jennifer Blowdryer's play, White Trash Debutante (which I saw and was really just simply put, very good. And Diane was particularly terrific.) (

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