Monday, September 12, 2005

Things Assholes Have Done To Me

Wow...I heard it through the grapevine that my songs can now be found on I-Tunes. I haven't actually seen it yet for myself, as my boss broke my computer so I can no longer install or remove any programs. He refuses to claim responsibility for breaking it, even though we both know he did. He's a millionaire, also. I'm a ten dollar-aire, on a good day.

Other things people have done wrong to me:

- A lady yelled at me at Staples the other day when I pulled out my "deli coffee cup as a leather wallet" change purse. She said, "That is disgusting. Just disgusting. Throw it out. You are too pretty to carry that." She rotated those four sentences for about the next six minutes or so.

- My mother birthed me.

- Mayor Bloomberg allows my apartment complex to have flickering hallway lights.

- Jesus hasn't come to save me, yet.

- My cute black kitty ran away from home and never came back.

- Three pounds crept back on me. That, technically is me letting myself down, but I'll blame the pounds themselves, thank you. (That puts me at 5'9", 136 lbs, or "super-hot", just in case any comment-writers are wondering.)

- And finally, my red jacket itches. Thanks a lot, cheap laborers.

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