Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Still alive.

Best Blog Ever!

Hi. So, the Bloggies nominations are going on, and I do believe today is the last day to nominate blogs for awards. If you are one of the blog people, please consider:

Jessy Delfino's Blog - there are several categories it could fit into, but I think I like Lifetime Achievement Award the best. It's for a long-standing blog. I believe mine qualifies! I've had this bitch cunt since 2001.


How To Be A Better Boyfriend (www.betterboyfriend.blogspot.com)

Sure, it got raved over on Metafilter (and then systematically shit upon) but it has it's moments, either way. Nominate that shit! Awards make people's lives more palatable.

Nominate here: http://2006.bloggies.com/


I'll be at Maxwell's in Hoboken with friends Whitest Kids You Know and Milton Katz at 8 PM. Come for the comedy show, stay for the comedy show.

While I'm plugging shows, here's one coming up at R&R Bar in the meat packing district:


I'm filming a video for my new electronic dance hit "My Pussy Is Magic". I need some fly girl dancers for the background to dance and look hot and be in the video. It will be filmed in late Jan, early Feb. Email jessdelfino@yahoo.com if you like to dance in a foolish manner. This will not be a serious video and no actual experience or talent at dancing will be necessary. I need mostly girls, but men may wear wigs and dress in drag for the video as well.

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