Thursday, March 2, 2006


It's sadly in the issue from yesterday, March 1st, with the beautiful girl on the cover who was victim of the horrific tape and rape maniac.

It's the biggest, grandest picture I've ever had in a newspaper, taking up one whole page and featuring four photos of me on a two page spread...(that's nuts!), aside from the huge Bilge Baron photo I had in the Village Voice last year.

Coincidentally, the Reverend Jen also had a huge photo in the Village Voice on the same day my pic came out.

Take that, normals!


Mark Daley said...

Does that mean you're now famous? You won't be able to sing that song any longer...or else you'll have to adapt the lyrics to your ever-increasing fame. Wouldn't it be most excellent if you got so freaky-deaky famous that you had to sing that you didn't want to be famous? That would be a most interesting turn of events. Ah, but the song would be overpowered by your fame, and no one would hear your dire plea for anonymity.

Jessica Delfino said...

Mmmm...I checked...still not famous.