Saturday, June 24, 2006


It goes to Toxic Pop, which is a website where you can learn about goings on in various aspects of the arts (comedy, music, etc.) and art star communities all over NYC. There is also a new pod cast which shows some of my short videos (some that you can't see elsewhere) along with other very cool artsy videos and music clips, etc. The pod cast is hosted by Bex Schwartz from VH1, and it's pretty fun and funny.

If you like the pod cast, you can sign up for the mailing list. And if you like the mailing list AND the pod cast, be sure to check out the live screening in September at the Pioneer Theater in the East Village.

It's like some strange bird took a blue shit on my TV monitor...

Save the date: Sunday, September 10th at 7 PM

There will be a screening of "The Best of the Toxic Pop PoPcast" featuring the best segments produced throughout the summer (featuring many familiar faces) along with some stuff that's just too dirty - even for the internet. There's also a deal going right now that if you purchase your ticket through the Advance Ticketing Link, by Weds, June 29th you will get into Faceboyz Open Mic afterwards for free...that's a four dollar discount. Do you know what you can do with $4 these days? Well, you can buy a note book and write something. And you can get an ice cream cone. You can buy a good used book and read it, and gain some knowledge. Don't you want to be smarter?

If you're a student or a senior (which you're probably not) the tickets are only $8.50. For everyone else, they're $11 bucks.

Get your tickets HERE NOW

Learn more info at:

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Anne Walk said...

i saw you sing this war protest song just now on toxic pop.

you are my idol.