Saturday, July 1, 2006

Annelies Middel, painter

Holland is known for lots of great things - wooden shoes, killer marijuana, spekjes (a crazy, squishy bacon-looking candy that tastes a lot like peeps) and now, Annelies Middel, a painter who I had the pleasure of meeting during her brief stay in NYC. Annalies put up her first gallery show in NYC today at New Century Gallery in Chelsea. I don't know the perfect fancy terminology of how to say that correctly, because I'm not a damn painter. But simply put, her paintings were hanging on walls and then people came and looked at them. And there was wine and carrots.

She has a very nice touch; she paints the faces of mysterious people (push "play" now on The Doors "People Are Strange" for backdrop atmosphere as you read remainder of this entry) on small canvases. She doesn't paint all the details, however. She leaves some misty spaces for our brains to fill in on our own. Yes, she makes us work for it! The results are intriguing, ghostly images that make me wish I had hundreds of dollars to shell out for the "snack-sized" paintings.

Her paintings will be hanging for your viewing pleasure until July 15th at New Century Artists, Inc., 530 W. 25th St., Suite 406 (btw. 10th - 11th Aves). And if you're the link following type, here's hers: The building itself is pretty keen. It's got lots of galleries all side by side in various shaped and sized rooms. It's like a grocery store where you can get all your art.


Saskia said...

Hello Jessica,

Annelies sent me the link to your website, and, unsuspecting, I had a look, to find my own (painted) face in the picture with hers! Very funny to find the painting that's hanging on my wall (yessss, I did spend the hundreds of euro's!) on the website of a complete stranger :)

Greetings from Holland,


Christine said...

JESS, do you know of ANY way i can get tickets to the ASSSCAT 10th anniversary show at irving plaza?? I'm desperate as fuck! email me at please. thanks

-a teenage fan of yours