Wednesday, August 30, 2006


The tour has been going very great - the crowds have been amazing. It turns out kids love dirty folk songs! I've met some very nice and unique people, such as a freakish clown man traveling on the Barnum & Bailey Circus train (in Dallas), a couple in DC who fly to Atlantic City to gamble...on their "own" plane, Tina's parents (it was like she was immaculately conceived - I had no idea she had family!), a couple in Asheville, NC who are starting a cool tour bus with performances, another family art group, (parents wtih kids who put shows together), Mark from Negativland (!!!), and lots of friendly and generous strangers. I am having trouble getting pictures off my camera, but here is one that a nice couple Josh and Naina from DC sent to me.

The show tonight in Austin, TX was great. Sadly, it was Corn Mo's last night. He flies home tomorrow. The Trachtenburgs and I will continue up the west coast alone until we hit Seattle, then Baby Gramps and Ching Chong Song will join the tour and that is when I shall return home.

Back in NYC mid September. Mark your calendars! Who knows what might happen on that date what with Jessica Delfino back in town?

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Unknown said...

Jessica!! I am so glad you are sticking with the tour!! (That ESPN thingie was such a sucker deal. Take it from me - I know the TV promo biz all too well...glad I left that shit behind.) You are ROCKING AMERICA and hopefully spreading the word about Chris too. I loved being in the back of the room watching the crowd looking nervously at each other and then them "getting" you and then them worshipping you.

I miss y'all and will be joining up with the tour again in the last week, with my kid in tow - but you (and Corn Mo) will be gone by then I think, feh - anyway I love your songs and I think you ROCK and I will see you back in the city soon. If only you could use the word "vagina" a bit more in your lyrics... Love and kisses, Alec