Tuesday, September 5, 2006

LIFE ON TOUR, continued...

I'm in LA for a week...I'm PERFORMING IN LA at The Fake Gallery on Melrose
8:30 PM - THIS THURSDAY, Sept. 7th on Eddie Peppitone's show...


Life on tour has been a treat!
Watching passing landscape from a tour van seat.
We played in each city and then race the clock
to catch the next show where we'd be sure to rock

I sang songs of crotches, I sang dirty tunies
I sold my dark filth in the cities and boonies
I met some neat people, I told them blue tales
I put love in their spirits and raunch in their sails!

I folked out in Asheville, my favorite show yet
I hit Dallas and Austin and have not one regret
The tour for me ended in Los Angeles
I'm here now relaxing and enjoying some peace

I'm hanging with friends, reuniting with them
I'm resting, recouping and following a whim
I'll be in the hills, over looking this sprawl
taking my time getting back to it all

The Tburgs continue upward with at least one empty seat...
go out and see them, their show is a treat!

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