Thursday, November 16, 2006


Delfino plays a fortune-telling airport...Can anyone say "typecast" ???

I know, I are dying to see some photos from the first "Little Building" showing in Brooklyn last Friday. Well, I have magical powers, if you don't know. So, click on the link below to have your wishes answered. There are only two shows left! It's a pretty great play, even if I do say so myself, and I am in it. If you've ever seen Jollyship The Whiz-Bang and loved what they do, you may also dig this shizzy. If you've never seen them, what the hell are you doing with your life? And also, this play is kid friendly, so bring the rug rats. Last week, the show got a Voice Choice in the Village Voice and was pretty full, so advance tickets are recommended.

Friday Nov. 17th and Friday Nov. 24th
8 PM
Tickets are $12 or $10 if you get them at
Galapagos Art Space
70 N. 6th St. Williamsburg

See More Photos Here

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