Friday, November 10, 2006


This is one of the weirdest reports I've ever seen. Supposedly, scientists have invented "the perfect comedy face" (?) for some reason. I barely even know what that is supposed to mean. Um...aren't scientists supposed to be curing cancer?

According to this article, "the perfect comedy face" is full of soft, feminine features. Such as this gal's:

Kristen Schaal

The article then goes on to explain that is what makes Ricky Gervais so damn funny.

Perhaps this is why Reggie Watts won the Andy Kaufman Award ($5000!) last night...


Delfino, pictured, with her face full of soft, feminine, hilarious features, can be seen tonight at Galapagos at 8 PM in "Jolly-Ship The Whiz-Bang's new play, "Little Building".

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