Monday, December 11, 2006


Dame Darcy, my favorite witch princess, has just finished up her bi-coastal tour with her absolutely awesome roth-electonic (rock + goth = roth) band, "Death By Doll". While she was in NYC, my side-project freak-out histrionic fear-metal quartet, "Haunted Pussy" played with Death By Doll, The Bellmer Dolls and Michael Portnoy at Tonic. Here is her review of the show, sent out in a mass-email:

The Dame

NEW YORK! NEW YORK! Ahhh where to begin! How much do I love thee let me
count the ways
1) Bellmer dolls , you are sooo sweet and it was so nice of you to let DXD
use your practice space.
always the hottest ever (in the male catigory) on the east coast!
2) Michael Portnoi weird and inspiring as usual!
3) And HAUNTED PUSSY!!! I wish I was the master off all the unicorn kingdom,
for if I was, I would give it all and throw the ice cream castle in too for
the lovley, magical, and talented Jessica Delfino! I know I am giving the
impression that this is what Haunted Pussy is about, but Oh to the
contrairy!It is about a young girl who gets locked in her haunted house and
abandoned by her parents where she continues to be raped by ghosts. However, this haunting tale is VERY interpretive, so you'll have to find more details about the mystery for yourself! Jessica's costumes are simply to die for, and that vocal range!

Bilge Baron In The Haunted Pussy

You can read more about Dame Darcy and her new book, the illustrated Jane Eyre, at

And you can read more about operatic tone-poem Haunted Pussy at

Or visit us on Myspace at:
(we had to change the S's in "pussy" to 5's because Myspace hates women's bodies)


LITTLE BUILDING, the play by Nick Jones that little old me, Jessica Delfino, played a mystical airport in, made the NY TIMES this past Sunday (yesterday). You can read the article HERE

LITTLE BUILDING is back at the end of January. Check back here for more details.

I'm gearing up for my mini Merry Shitmas tour, beginning with the kick-off show in NYC.

Merry Shitmas!
43 E. 7th St. (downstairs)
7:30 PM bizarre holiday bazaar featuring food and treats. This is a place to bag those neat little thingies to give to people that will really make your gift selections stand out. Give gifts that make people say, "!" and "hmmmm!" and "where the hell did you get this?" I won't give away the surprises, you'll just have to come to see them. Price range $20 and less.

8 PM - 9 PM sharp - show featuring Christmassy delights The Secular Voices of Heaven's Horizon, Mormon Surprise is Mormon Delicious (Mike Amato) singing a holiday hymn, a visit from a relative bearing gifts for the audience, Jessica Delfino's brand of holiday cheer, and more. A swift, sassy show!

And then to DC, North Carolina and Florida...

A still shot from a secret project...ssshhhhh! More info to come!

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What's the date for the NYC Shitmas kick-off show? The 17th??