Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Fun!

Tis the season for corporate Christmas parties! As far as work place parties go, I'd have to say that comedy venue holiday parties are as good as it gets when it comes to places that you work at that have parties.

Sure, all work place parties are pretty much the same - free food, free booze, upped opportunities to bang that person, who, any other time of the year, it'd be straight up not possible. Thank Jesus for crippling seasonal depression!

I went to a fun party this week at the fabulous mid-town venue, Ars Nova. What a sweet spot that place is! Besides the fact that they treat their performers the way performers (much less human beings) should be treated, (take a note all you shit hole comedy clubs!) the venue itself is beautiful.

Rebecca Drysdale duets with her tit

The party was a great time, with tons of free booze and hot, tasty food, a very bizarre show to watch while woofing down cupload after cupload of top shelf liquor, in the theme of a Winter Prom.

There were perfomers of all ilk; comedians, musicians, burlesquies, and Nellie McKay, whom I love, headlined with two of her hits. Also, I was surprised to see so many trannies. I fit right in, as I was dressed like a gay man, which is my preferred way to dress. I found my fashion soul mate in Kurt Braunohler.

Love lifted us up to where we belonged

A good time was had by all.