Saturday, December 2, 2006


Wow. Did you see that shit when I tried to sign into my account? I saw it. Blogger offers a new, updated version of Blogger, and not too incredibly obviously, I might add. From my experience, it almost seemed like it was trying to sneak me onto the new version. And interestingly, you have to have a Google account to get the new blog.

Google - you all know how I feel about Google. And if you don't know, I'll tell you again. Google's Myspace took "My Pussy Is Magic" off the internet. One day after Google bought Myspace.

Need I remind anyone that the makers of Google were also made by vaginas?

I have a bad feeling about this. If Google bought Blogger, you can all say good bye to Jessy Delfino's blog. You saw what they did to my video. The new, updated Blogger asks you to sign a new form, accepting an agreement that surely demands that slang words for "vagina" never be used again!

In other related observations, I have noticed that other parts of the world are getting less sensitive, and gaining maturity. Jay Leno's monologue is getting riskier and riskier, now with jokes about being raped by Shamu. Rape jokes on a late night talk show? Impressive! And the NY-based METRO newspaper recently talked about the Britney Spears incident, using the word, "cooch". Cooch? Advanced! In very recent past years, it would have been "private area" or "unmentionables" or some other vague description of what is, oh, only the most important part of all of life and humanity, creator and destroyer of all that is good and evil - that's right - the vagina!

Say it with me at home - va - gi (pronounced j-eye) - na.

The world is at once advancing, and slowing down; a see-saw of yin and yang; a metaphor, quicksand surrounded by rapids, poisonous Tylenol, dogs and cats, living together.

Google, Blogger, you bitches better catch up! Or you shall find yourselves in a pile of space dust. I will not wait for you!

Above: Google, Blogger, tied together, an eternal web of space dust, left behind by advancements in humanity. See you in hell, space fuckers!


play drums said...

google bought youtube, where I just saw your magic pussy video. Rupert Mur-dickhead(owner of fox news) bought myspace.

I like your magical pussy video.

Also the link to the paint porn site!!

Sarah said...

Jessica, you are hilarious. I was SO ENTRANCED by your "My Pussy is Magic" that I watched it three times in a row, laughing my ovaries out, and then looked through my messinger list for people to send it to.
I would, however, like to argue that my pussy IS INDEED as magic as yours, and I resent the accusation otherwise (towards the end of the video).
I found you through a livejournal. Maybe if you're dissatisfied with blogger, you could check out . They're pretty accepting over there.
Keep on rockin for a free world,
Sarah McAdam

Anonymous said...

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