Sunday, January 7, 2007

MY MYSPACE ACCOUNT DELETED...then given to someone else???

What the fuck does this mean?

In an email dated November 2nd, I wrote:

***SPEAKING OF WHICH, Myspace Account DELETED!***

Jessica Delfino's account has been deleted by Myspace. No explanation, no reason, no notice. It was simply deleted. I wrote and asked why several times, and they never wrote back. My video was not on Myspace. No songs of mine were on Myspace. Gone. RIP friends on Myspace who I'll never see or talk to again. I put hours of work into that Myspace page. For shame!
I don't mean to go all conspiracy theory on your asses, but it sort of seems like someone is trying to keep me from sharing my art. First Youtube, then's certainly a bit of a head scratcher.

Go see for yourself:


If you used to click on the above link, it said: This account TERMINATED due to violations or some stupid crap.

If you go to that myspace account, you will see that SOMEONE NAMED AMANDA now has it...what the fucking fuck!!!???

I wrote an email to myspace asking them about why my account was deleted and they never wrote back. Now, some chick named Amanda has it? What the hell is going on? Why don't aliens just come and get me and take me away, for fuck's sake? This episode of Twilight Zone is too trippy for me. I stopped taking acid ten years ago.

Can anyone out there explain WHAT THE FUCK!!??

There was nothing offensive on my myspace page. I think maybe I wrote that I write songs about vaginas. OH SHIT!! I didn't even have any songs up on it.

But now I have a new myspace account, and everywhere the word "vagina" should appear, it instead says, "sandwich". I also made a music page at It only has Eye Patch, Ice Queen and Grand Piano, some of my tamest songs, to not piss off the censors at Myspace. But I won't be surprised if euphemisms aren't allowed either! You fucks! You rich fucking fuck heads! I'm struggling to pay my rent, I'm a poor, broke ass performer. My video has traveled around the world and back ten times. And do I have one penny from that? Guess what the right answer is? It's NO, mother fuckers! I have not ONE penny from that. So give me back my GOD DAMN myspace account or the nice lady of Jessy Delfino's Blog is gonna do this American style and take your khaki asses to court! What do I have to myspace page?


dogsmustbecarried said...

Sounds like the "sandwich" page has been hacked, as was your original page, which is now someone else's. Most commonly this happens through clicking an infected link in the bulletin board section, but it turns out that some of those infected links are to bona fide pages from people that you know and trust.

Basically, MySpace's security is awful, and they're spending none of their billions of dollars on it. My page was hacked a few months back, and, having already been pissed off with the "service", I deleted my pages, but not before I posted a bulletin highlighting the experience I'd had. I certainly won't be going back.

Hope you get some answers, but something tells me you won't get them from Tom Anderson and his 300 staff.

Ashley said...

My Myspace page disappeared in December. I get, "No such email address was found" when I try to log in. It's crap. I am sticking to blogging.