Sunday, January 14, 2007

A new internet networking site? What is this madness you speak of?

Friendster. Myspace. Ivillage. Vegetarian Kitchen. Youtube. Artstars. Pop Bitch. Metafilter. Live Journal. Blogger. The list goes ON and ON.

And now, there is yet one more.

A friend sent me information about a site that he is working with and I checked it out, and well, it's kind of unique in my opinion. It's like a combination of Art Stars and Blogger. I dig it. In fact, I registered there and began a blog. The site is

Who knows if I'll keep up on it or not? I didn't mean to be so responsible with "Jessy Delfino's Blog." But somehow, I did it!

In my collection of blogs, I have my aforementioned blog, "Jessy Delfino's Blog", (this very blog which you are reading) which I started years ago, and I also have my "You Can Be A Better Boyfriend" blog, which is offers simple, practical, ridiculous advice to dudes on the topic of how to be a better boyfriend. Both of those blogs will live on, but as I mentioned above, I started a new blog at Oomph. It's called, "The Anti-Subservient Hour." The name is kind of a joke. But it's kind of not, too. So, if you register there, don't forget to read my first blog entry. And there is a poll about death.

My name on the site is MissMagic. It's kind of a gay-sounding handle in retrospect. It's based on my video. Maybe it'll work out - maybe I'll make friends with some witches, or some magicians. So, if you register, look me up by searching for MissMagic. Or click here to see my profile.

I'm trying to drag some pals over there so I'm not lonely. So, if you're a work a lot Johnny with too much computer time at the 10-6, or if you're a writer who researches blogs, or if you're a stay at home mom who has a little down time after the little whipper snapper has shitted his drawers and conked out for a precious fourty-five minutes of mom-is-a-human-too time, perhaps you'll consider this site as a viable outlet.

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