Thursday, March 29, 2007

Biggest, Fanciest Delfino article to date!


This article was written by Kernan Andrews, a writer
for the Galway Advertiser in Ireland. Befriend her on myspace.

I'm going to be in Ireland April 4th - 12th for the Galway
Comedy Festival. If you know anyone in Galway, email
me and hook me up with your foreign pals! I'd like to meet
some interesting people who will show me a good time.

Read the article online here

And here is an interesting tidbit:

I was delighted to learn that I
have been immortalized in a piece
of artwork by artist Frank Bradley Jr.,
whom I met in his studio at last
year's Dumbo Arts Festival.

A description of the piece in his own words:
"You are being bombed by american
bombadiers, for your own good of course, luckily one
of the bombs has exploded in mid-air, but you
recognise the serious peril the other probably will
cause you, and have resorted to yelling something in
chinese, I don't know what."
More information to come. But in the meantime, here's
a tiny sneak peak at a portion of the piece:
I bet I'm yelling, "Wow!"

I think it is quite lovely in it's entirety
and am looking forward to seeing it
side by side his other work in the finished
show. He is also working on a piece
involving the story about that lady
who hit a homeless guy and kept him
on his windshield until he died, and
then buried him somewhere.


But not sneaky enough, as now Frank
Bradley Jr. is on the loose with that
imagery in mind.

I can't wait to see what shall be promulgated.

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