Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gentlemen - this might make a nice gift
for a lady (or the gay man or gay man
friend with a birthday coming up) in your life.

Whatever you do with this information,
these people have got moxie...
(no, it's not cat food)

*There's also a casting call on the site
for males with hunky voices.*

I think I like it, although I
don't know if I could see myself
using it. Right now, I mostly use
my man's penis.

I read a great lady sex tip the other
day in Marie Claire. A girl said
she read dirty stories on her ipod when
she was getting ready for bed so that when
her man hit the sheets, she was ready to dance.

And by dance, I mean "do it".

I don't have an ipod. So, I just have to
fantasize naughty teacher scenes and use
astroglide, like the rest of the poor people
out there.

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