Saturday, May 12, 2007

Delfino in Red photo by


So, I'm walking through Times Square today with my very funny Irish comedian friend David McSavage when I look up and I see a piece of advertisement "art"
that was inspired by ME, ME, ME.

Did they think, maybe, I wouldn't notice a gigantic


in the middle of


with my signature red suit on it?

I will ask Target directly and see what they have to say about this!
Though, I'm sure they'll deny it.

But then, can they deny...THIS?

I mean, it was only seen a few hundred thousand people around the world.
But probably not even one single person who works in advertising for Target
noticed the red suit in the video.

Hey Mr. & Mrs. Target...does this look at all familiar to you?? What do you have to say for yourselves? By the way, I've got a Target for ya, right here!

(I point at my crotch)

I will always be poor, and people like Mr. & Mrs. Target
will always be rich, because there are so many ideas to steal
from struggling artists for free, free, free.

I guess I could be blowing this out of proportion. I mean,
really, we probably both stole the look fair and square.


Anonymous said... we know how hegemonically narcissistic and egocentric you truly are...gee, I guess you need to get a good jew lawyer and sue them into submission...the American pastime!!! pathetic!!!

Yours Truly said...

Mmmm...I was (mostly) just kidding. Did you see the Santa Claus at the end? ha-HA! Get it? We BOTH stole the this thing on?

Yours Truly said...

But still...look at the position of the arms...of the legs...if it is a coincidence, it's pretty, um, remarkable.

Anonymous said...

just do your own thing, jessica. when you try to take credit or claim you were ripped off you come too close to whining like Touching You?

Dustin said...

Dammit Jeesica! How Dare you imply that our beloved Target stole an idea from you! To the gallows!!!

Honestly, where do these people come from? I laughed my ass off just LOOKING at the picture of you across from the billboard. Do you have to deal with people like these nyuck-nyucks all the time?