Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Jessica Delfino & Rosie Rebel

~11 PM~

at Mo Pitkins
34 Ave A, bet. 2nd and 3rd
upstairs $5 NYC

Rosie and I met David on our recent trip to Ireland's Galway Comedy Festival. We became fast friends when we witnessed and related to his sassy, bold comedy stylings. Watching him do his act just in the street is amazing. He is able to attract hundreds of strangers around him with a flick of his lips and then get them to stay and listen to him while he insults them politely, then get them to pay him grandly for it. He's one of a kind. See him perform tonight on his first US comedy stint. He's one of my favorite comedians. Well-known and beloved in Ireland, he should be a world-wide star by this time next year.

More info about the show here:

Here is a review I found regarding David McSavage's handiwork:

Maybe a bearded stranger accosted you with a guitar while on a casual saunter through Temple Bar, or maybe you caught his manic act in the Ha'penny Bridge or maybe you saw him ribbing Pat Kenny on TV, but you will probably have encountered David McSavage sometime in the past year.

David McSavage is a popular street performer in Dublin and the man behind the Ha'penny Laughs comedy night. He plays guitar and sings satirical ditties about audience members and his onstage rants and acts come from an active comic imagination.

David McSavage is a regular favourite on The Late Late Show, where he has even done his very fine impersonation of Pat Kenny. He recently returned for a triumphant run at the Edinburgh Fringe and sold out two nights in Vicar Street in the not too distant past.

Expect to hear funny songs, witty repartee, a little bit of satire and maybe a sing-a-long or two...

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