Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Enjoying an evening in the east village...from left to right:
Julia Newman, Rosie Rebel, Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Delfino


Last night was a landmark event in Art Stardom with the O'Debra Twins' Third Annual O'Debbie Awards at The Bowery Poetry Club. The award ceremony / ball / havoc party is a spin and celebration on the O'Debra Twins' weekly open mic, "Show N Tell". It's a night of performance and rewards for people who deserve "Best Diarrhea Assquake" Award (Angry Bob) and "My Little Pony" award for "Best Ponytail" (Touching You aka Christopher X. Brodeur) among other prestigious titles. Featuring performers of all ilk, brand, styling, genre, hair color, and skill set, Show N' Tell is, just simply put, the best on-going show in NYC.

And I've seen a LOT of shows.

I've been going for three years now almost every week, because it's one of the few places on the planet where the world's normal social rules don't really apply. Just about anything goes there. So, if you attend, be prepared to see music, comedy, naked people, dancing, sketches, videos, combinations of any and all of those, and really anything that one can do on a stage. It's a veritable never-never land for performers of all kinds. If you appreciate good (and bad) live art, music and entertainment and have a penchant for the zany, you. must. attend. at. least. once. It's every Monday at 1o PM. $3. Not bad for 4 hours of high art.

Dustin Hoffman insists you go!

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Dustin said...

Dustin Hoffman is one lucky bastard to be hanging out with someone as awesome as you, Jessy.