Saturday, June 2, 2007

I Wanna Be Famous... the 82nd most commented-upon video in the history of YouTube...

Not bad for a small-town girl
doing this shit on her own.


I had a theory that if you write a song about being famous,
you'll become famous, a la Dr. Hook and many others.

The research on this experiment has proven interesting.

In other news, yesterday, I WANNA BE FAMOUS was featured
on both the front page of AND

After about a week featured on and a day
on, it is no longer featured on either.
The views on topped out around 559,898.

Pretty interesting, considering I have no manager,
no promotional budget, and not much of anything
else, really, either.


Red said...

After seeing the video to "I Wanna Be Famous", not only did I insist anyone I know SEE IT and LEARN IT, (my friends and I were in Montauk walking the streets and singing it), I often play it at work to ward off those who were on the fence about my sanity.

Well DONE!

Adam said...

you have the love, though... and that's enough. love and a magical vagina. that can't hurt either.