Friday, July 27, 2007


I'm in Dublin and the weather here is more bi-polar than my most disturbed family member. It's sunny for five minutes and then cold and raining. And like that, on and on.

I did my first show last night at International Bar -- what a cool place. The show is run by Aidan Bishop, who is American but has been in Ireland for awhile now and seems to be doing pretty well here with his charming New York accent and his adorable face, not to mention some good jokes. It's reminiscent of NYC's Rififi, but the place has probably been there for 300 years.

The venue was packed solid. If there were any more people in the place, they would have had to sit on the stage -- oh, wait, they did. Each side of the stage was lined with 5 people, which was...a resourceful use of space. The Irish are so brave!

There wasn't even enough room for performers to watch the show. They had peep holes so we could see the show through the wall. So many faces had been smooshed up against that wall, there were imprints of faces worn into the old paint.

I love Irish people! I did some of my brashest material and the Irish took it like troopers. After the show, I sold a bunch of CDs and even sold some of my fancy new "My Pussy Is Magic" panties, I mean, "knickers" to the ladies. Some men even tried to buy some, but I didn't bring any man panties with me to the show.

Tonight I will play at 7 PM at the Iveagh Gardens / Bud Light Festival show and then I'll go back to the International Bar at 9.

OK, see you later. I'm going to go get emotionally fucked with by the weather for awhile.


Lola said...

Think you're talking about Des Bishop, not Aidan Bishop ;)

Lola said...

Oh, and congratulations on your turn on the Russell Brand show!

Anonymous said...

No, Jessica meant Aidan Bishop, Des Bishop's younger brother and MC of comedy nights in the International:) You were great on Russell Brand! Bet he tried to shag you...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica, heard you on Russell Brand, googled you as suggested and bought your EP on itunes - brilliant! Thanks for brightening up my week.