Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hello New York!

I've just wrapped up a whirlwind two-month tour to the UK and lived to talk about it. Tour diary, Delfino's Diatribe and photo journal to come very soon! But first -- I gotta get this listing out. Please post this to the place that you post things, attend, tell your friends and stuff. This show will feature oldies, goodies, and some new songs on the amazing pink flying V ukelele I picked up in Scotland. I didn't get bed bugs, but I did get this new audience pleasing instrument with which for to rock with (See photo above of me hanging out with my new uke at Gatwick Airport in England) and returned to the US slimmer, smarter and singler.

And while you're at the show, don't forget to pick up a new fancy pair of "Jessica Delfino Is Magic" panties, which sold like delicious finger cakes over in the UK.

Here's a description of the show Sept. 26th, I do hope to see you there:

Welcome Home Jessica Delfino!

Potty-mouthed quirk rocker Jessica Delfino is back in NYC after a two-month UK tour of festivals and cities around Ireland, Scotland and England, including her solo show, "Songs About Vaginas" debut and performances with Paul Provenza and Amanda Palmer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and a radio appearance on uber-famous London's "Russell Brand Show" on BBC. Best known for being "banned by Youtube" and "denounced by the Catholic League" for her dirty ditties and jokes, tonight she is joined by Cock Lorge, The Pizzas and some of her more raucous pallies at Club Europa for a night of reuniting.

Wednesday, Sept. 26th, 2007
Club Europa
98 Meserole Ave (@Manhattan Ave)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222
Phone: 718-383-2322
7 PM

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