Monday, September 3, 2007


No offense, Londoners -- don't get pissed that I don't like your overpriced, overly concreted city. The people here are actually quite nice. It's more the city itself that bugs me, with it's vast borders, transport trifecta and streets that actually chill my spine more than the grimiest New York City hood ever has.

Don't get me wrong, I hate NYC, too. But after being here for a week, it's actually made me appreciate NYC, and that's not a good thing.

My shows here, however, have been terrific. I performed at Offline at JAMM (thanks to my friend Harry Leckstein with Freeport Records who set that up for me), which was more fun that sticking my finger into a light socket. I met tons of great people and saw some great acts, such as Mike Friedman - a deviant poet who just got married at Stonehenge a few days ago, (congratulations, Mike) the lovely and talented Final Girl and super cool band Gilbert. Brixton was cool, too -- I ate at an Erutrean Restaurant there which was the best meal I've had in weeks. There was a live jazz band jammin' out hard in the middle of the restaurant and I just slugged back Beck's and some kind of African veggie mush and took it all in with a cheerful grin.

I did a little in-store set at Scrappy from Milk Kan's invitation in front of about 12 people and even that was a lot of fun.

Last night I performed at Cross Kings on York Way in David Goo's show, which was just one of the most fun evenings I've had since I left NYC. The place is littered with overstuffed couches and board games and reminds me of my grandmother's house. Again, all the acts were superb -- especially Fiona Beven, Left With Pictures and especially especially David Goo. He is my new favorite performer, and one of my favorite finds on this trip.

I think that the quality of performers in London exceeds performers in NYC. The reason why, I think, is because performers in London don't seem to be bombarded with the shite we are in America. There are so many lame billboards and posters for loser shitheads who we are supposed to worship and support and I don't really see that here in London. As a matter of fact, I'm looking out over a large span of London at this moment and I do not see one billboard. That's something thing I love about Vermont, and the main reason why I will probably move there someday.

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Player's run at Soho Theater has been going really well. The audiences here are just really awesome. The people here are intelligent, in general, and seem to recognize and appreciate good music and entertainment when they see it. Even little Rachel's show on Saturday morning was a total blast. There are two more shows left of hers -- on Sept. 8th and 15th -- I'll be playing a song in both shows, if you can believe it! I sing a very nice song that has nothing to do with vaginas or other parts.

Tonight I'm going to perform at 12 Bar on Denmark Street in Soho at 8 PM along with Jason Trachtenburg and some others, and if the shows I've already seen are any indication of what to expect, I can't wait.

More later...

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yo jess...please get me a tin of buttered scones from Harrod's...I'll reimburse you and also let you sample one or two!