Wednesday, October 31, 2007


When I started this blog four or five years ago (seems like just yesterday!) I began it with the intention of writing every day so that I could become the best writer in the world, or at least good enough to write one damn stinkin' book, if I did nothing else with my life, ever. I used to write little stories and poems a lot, mostly when I had day jobs, because I hated working at those lame temp jobs and it was really thrilling to be getting paid to write entries on my blog (when I should have been filing) to show the man he couldn't hold me down forever!

Another thing I always used to do on my blog was write very revealing stories about ME. What I was doing, what I was going to do, what I was working on, what a dick my boyfriend was, how much my life sucked, and on and boring on.

I haven't really been writing on my blog lately, because I bored myself off of it. I have mostly just been using it to post show flyers and comedy related tid-bits, which is just as boring, but a lot less divulging. Which is bad for the reader, but good for the readee.

But another thing I realized with the now nearing a million views of my FAMOUS video was that I like my anonymity, actually, or what is left of it. No one knows who I am, except for those 800,000 youtube watchers, and those people only exist on the internet. And I like that. I don't really want to lose that. Can you imagine having to fight off the paparazzi every time you stepped out the door to pick up a grande latte? And what about having to wear underwear or else your crotch would be some dude in Ohio's screen saver? I don't want to live in that world.

I'm not rich or famous, though maybe I will be someday. I may not be writing as much on my blog as I used to, and I may not be revealing as much personal information as I used to (did you ever really give a shit anyway?) But regardless, I promise to continue writing the most ribald dirty folk rock songs I can muster, and I promise, no matter how famous I get or don't get, to never wear underwear. I believe the beaver should be free! Just like this blog -- of embarrassing details of my life.

Maybe that means I'm growing up?

Ughh, gross.

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ben said...

your beaver is gross. grow up? i think you mean sew up. as in, "sew up that beaver." you should be ashamed of it. just kidding! it's magic! i love it! but i still want to hear embarassing details about your life. just use fake names for the other people. pretend that it's fiction and blur the line between what really happened and what you write to the point where you can't even distinguish the truth anymore. because if it rings true, that's all that matters. and you'll know. and we'll know that you know. and it will be good.