Saturday, October 20, 2007


Come to A Night of Wonderment at Castle Verde, featuring Gina Vetro, Magin Schantz, Bilge Baron, The Gargoyles (Rob Bose and Arik aka "Juggernut"), Rosie Rebel and YOU! At the new lovely Green Room Theater, 45 Bleecker Street at Lafayette. Tickets are $12 but you can get them for $6 with this fancy code:

"Two for one tickets available with code 8T2FOR1 at door or online."
You can see all four shows at the theater that night for $6!

This is my Halloween extravaganza show featuring Bilge Baron, who has been awoken from a scary spell by a ghoulish gurgley man. She must entertain and fellate him daily if she wants to keep the spell from returning - or find someone to take her place! Maybe it will be you? Bring your spooky act to audition for the part of gurgley man fellater / entertainer!! Now, doesn't that sound like fun?

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