Wednesday, March 19, 2008


...the coolest "junk shop" in all the land?

If not, jump on the JMZ and get off at the Jefferson stop. You might get a little scared, the neighborhood is still "New York-y". But a few blocks down, there it is -- a mecca for talented unknowns. A haven for pretty Brooklynites and people from other boroughs bold enough to brave the public transportation system. An oasis for the thirsty, the strange, and the cool. My favorite hang in NYC.

This place is a coffee shop, music venue and neighborhood joint featuring thrift-store chic / victorian / era-gone-by decor and
a vibe so comfortable, cozy and lovely the only other place I've ever felt it was at my grandmother's house. If I describe your business or home as "like my grandmother's house" that is the utmost highest compliment that I can give.

Congratulations, GBM, for being so fucking god damn awesome.

I'll be performing there April 11th and 25th with my band. Come check this amazing magical way out place out.

And be their friends!!!

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