Saturday, March 8, 2008

Read all about my victory at the amazing Arlene's Gong Show in that old rag, NY PRESS

Then, lucky for me and all of you, there was this other article link on the same page as the above about Tim Minchin, my only "celebrity" crush...the article wasn't too informative because the journalist made a mistake with his tape recorder so he didn't actually record the interview, but Tim Minchin should be a super star the proportions of Billy Joel within, oh, about five minutes.

And here's an art exhibit that might very well get the Catholic League's dirty panties all scrunchy and frothing: The Assassination of Barack and Hillary Due to the sensitive nature of this exhibit, on-lookers must set up appointments to see the work. Cool!

Did you miss Naughty Nautical Night at The Slipper Room? Naughty, naughty and you suck. But fret not. The next NNN is on April 3rd and that is just around the corner. This nautical themed cabaret show was hosted by myself and "Dame Darcy". Second mates wanted!! If you have a nautical themed act or just want to dress up like a sailor or a pirate, let these bitches know...

Pictured here: Stage Manager Wendi The Pirate Wench and "Dame Darcy" (Adam Lerman) get ready to practice sapphic love back stage

This strapping young med student takes a break from driving his yacht to stop in to the NNN

First (band) mate Patrick gets ready to squeak out some serious Popeye riffs for the adoring audience

Stage Manager Wendi The Pirate Wench and Dame Darcy (Adam Lerman) get ready to go backstage and practice sapphic love

See those curvaceous hips and plush thighs? Thank you, fish and chips

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