Monday, March 3, 2008

This photo was taken in Edinburgh Scotland. Gorgeous!! I mean me. Just kidding, I mean the rainbows!


Where do I begin?

My lovely little video "I Wanna Be Famous", animated by Nick Fox-Gieg has been taking the children's entertainment world by storm as it is being screened in the NY International Children's Film Festival. I still can't believe it was accepted into a children's film festival. But it was screened in the "Shorts For Teens" portion of the fest, along with short films that covered lesbian and mental retardation themes. Wow! Not your mother's children's film festival, huh? The festival programmer told me that he didn't believe in playing down to children, but he did insist that during my Q & A I not play any "vagina or penis songs", not that I was going to! At the screening on Saturday Night at the Cantor Film Center, I was delighted to a cheering and applauding audience, full of adulation for "I Wanna Be Famous". After the screening, Nick and I did the Q & A for a packed audience full of children and their parents. True to my word, after telling the children that they shouldn't kill anyone til AFTER they finish school, and to never kill artists, I played two very kid-friendly songs -- "Happy Bears", a song about bears eating hippies in Vermont which I not only played in The Rachel Trachtenburg Morning Show in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as a regular segment, but it was called "my favorite part of the show" by a journalist who gave the show 5 stars. Then, I played "Famous" again for the audience, live. The kids asked the toughest questions, such as, "If you were going to kill somebody important, who would you kill?"


I answered, "I don't actually condone killing anyone, famous or not, but if I were to kill somebody important, it would be someone whose name rhymes with Morge Mush. Stay in school."

After the show, many kids and parents came up to greet me and buy my CD!! Kids came up and played my guitar and sang my song back to me. I think I have found a new market. Awesome!

You can find out more about the festival here:

In other news...

I went to a terrific dumpling making party on Saturday night. Mmmmmm!! Imagine -- a party where you have to make your own dinner. Brilliant! I drank too much sake and wound up going to bed drunk.

And on Sunday I had fun with NY Post photographer Nick Brooks and journalist Ben as I posed for a shoot in the subway station near my apartment and gave them my two cents on the fare hike. See me trashing the MTA in Monday or Tuesday's paper!

Sunday night I participated in The Gong Show at Arlene's Grocery, a show where performers compete for $100. And guess who won? Not me. Just kidding! Me!! It was some pretty stiff competition, literally, as hot men and women alike stripped, played guitar, did comedy and otherwise entertained the interactive audience and judges. I walked out of there with $100 in cold hard casharoni.

Finally, The Naughty Nautical Night Cabaret Show is right around the corner THIS THURSDAY, MARCH 6th at 8 PM at The Slipper Room. The show is going to be fun-filled with more entertainment than you can shake a drunken sailor at. There will be music, a short film, comedy, burlesque, go-go dancers, hot sailor boys, sea sluts, pirate wenches, sea monster making, sea snacks and treats, ocean themed debauchery, songs of the sea, DJ, dancing and crustaceans galore. Come in costume. The show starts at 9, dancing goes from midnight til 3 am. Come along and tap to the beat of the rhythm of the night on your sea legs. Dress to impress in your best aquatic gear. $5. Hosted by myself and Dame Darcy, premiere victorian witch princess of the world and illustrator of the famous "MEATCAKE" cartoon. A new show every month.

8 PM
167 Orchard Street
Corner of Orchard and Stanton
F to 2nd Ave

See you there!!!

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