Thursday, May 8, 2008

Delfino on Fox News's Red Eye -- VIDEO CLIP!!

Here I am chatting about my main man Steve King and his recent comments about how if you can't read you can't do anything but join the army. We all know that's simply not true. There are plenty of grocery store jobs and gigs holding the slow signs at construction sites out there. Those of you who know and love me may recall I'm from Maine, so that only adds to the special kindred connection that I have with Mr. King. Interestingly, I am reading his book, "On Writing" right now, and it's so good it's real good.

Let's hear what other enthralling, enlightening tidbits I have to say on the Stephen King / CNN topic. Dish, dish, dish!


PS -- I got to play a segment of my rape whistle song on the show!!! Repeat: I GOT TO PLAY A SEGMENT OF MY RAPE WHISTLE SONG ON THE SHOW!!!

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