Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Holy shit! You read right! Correctly? Right? Both!

I am going to be singing my celebrated rape whistle ditty entitled, "Don't Rape Me" tonight during a taping of Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld (jew?) and I cizzy can't wait!!

The show will air tomorrow, Thursday at 3 AM, hence the title, Red Eye. Your eyes will hopefully be red with laughter at my hilarious hi-jinx, if not from exhaustion, if I don't fuck it up, that is.

It seems kind of inappropriate that I, Jessica Delfino, will be appearing on a Fox broadcast considering I'm probably thought of as a total lib, but I'm ready for it. I hope they're ready for ME, Jessica Delfino, the Courtney Love of comedy. Oddly though, I'd say I'm actually more of a strange concoction of liberal with conservative icing in places you wouldn't expect.

So don't forget to tune your dials to Fox News at 3 AM so you can dance to my rockin' rape classic before hitting beddy bye.

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