Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DIARIES FROM THE (wrong side of the) ROAD III

Last night was opening night of my show at Soho Theatre. It was a pretty good show, all in all. There was a full house with only one or two technical mishaps -- one was that my pretty red lights fell down onto the ground and caught on fire, burning and melting the felt they were attached to. My big finale was a cover song by Whitney Houston -- "Saving All My Love For You" where I clambered around through the audience and sung the song "as Whitney Houston".

That bit and my homeless joke didn't go over too well, the London audience also didn't adore "I Was In Love With You" which is generally one of my hits in America. (Hey puke dick I was in love with you...)

But for the most part, the show went pretty well and I was happy with the turn out and the audience response.

Let's see what the reviews say, if any. They will surely be mixed, as most of the reviews I get are. Hopefully the show won't be thought of as so bad that it makes the front page of the news, as poor Russell Brand's set at the VMA awards has. What a drag the press can be. I don't understand what happened there. That's the media for you. One minute they're sucking your tits off and the next minute they're ferociously (metaphorically) stabbing you with a pair of tailoring scissors (they're extra sharp).

Oh yeah -- one person walked out of the show at the end. Some guy with a hat on. He looked really pissed. I don't understand how a show called "Dirty Folk Rock" that is advertised as "edgy" and "outlandish" might be something a sensitive person would go check out. That type of person should probably attend the "Easy Listening" Comedy Hour or something, if one exists. And if one doesn't exist, maybe that will be my next show. Easy Listening Comedy. Hmm. I like the sounds of that. Makes me wanna dance around the house in a silk bathrobe with a mop.

Tonight is show #2 of the Soho Theatre run...we'll see how it goes!! And by we, I guess I mostly mean me.

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