Thursday, September 11, 2008

DIARIES FROM THE (wrong side of the) ROAD part IV

It's another rainy day here in London, which doesn't make me angry -- nay -- the rain just makes this city more romantic.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon on Brick Lane, the Williamsburg of London, scooting around on foot, checking out all the little shops and street tables full of odds and ends. I bought a beautiful dress with little hearts on it. It made me feel 10 again.

I went there specifically to go find this old roller skate shop I wandered into last year when I was here. There were 15 pairs of roller skates in there of the coolest ilk -- orange and blue stripes, pink with purple paint splotches whipped across them, green stars on fluorescent yellow backdrops -- I'm talking show skates. Aside from the skates, there were white rasta dudes smoking joints out front and nothing else in or around the place. When I went back yesterday, the spot is a legitimate enough shop now, filled with records and clothes and all kinds of very trendy little dings and dongs, mostly American.

But all the roller skates were gone! I should have bought them when I had a chance. But I had no room in my suit case, believe it or not. That was my excuse. But I literally had bags and bags to cart home with me after spending a month in Edinburgh and then three weeks in London.

Though my heart was broken, I made a new pal (the guy who runs the joint) and he promised to keep his eye out for some fancy wheels for me.

Next I wandered into a shop and was recognized by a store customer from my Edinburgh show. That was flattering! He said HE had a pair of roller skates with heart laces and would give them to me. It was like a miracle gift.

On my last stop down Brick Lane, I happened upon a little vintage store called "I Dream Of Wires" and saw the London version of Reverend Jen's troll museum.

It was a much smaller version, but it featured it's very own Unicorn troll. It was the most beautiful little monster I've ever seen.

I got a review in yesterday's METRO. It's a good review for the most part -- a bit mixed, as I said it would be. In general, she calls me "seriously talented" (OK!), she calls the show "stirring" and calls a few of her favorite of my songs out by name, labeling them "accessible but delightfully weird" (nice!) but says the show needs to be reworked a little bit and needs some fine tuning. And she was right on and nailed it pretty good. I knew that after opening night I needed to fix a few things, and I did, and now the show is like a machine. I wish that press came night 3, because by then all the quirks would be worked out. But I'm glad press came at all, and I'm glad they had good things to say.

Today I'm going to move to Battersea to stay with a friend there and wander around in the rain. I have a pretty umbrella to keep me dry-ish.

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