Wednesday, October 8, 2008

On Presidential Vernacular
by My Mom


*seriously, this was written by my mom -- Hettie Warner, Brooksville, FL.


Has anyone else noticed how the McCain-Palin camp is tryin' to play up
Palin's cutsy vernacular as an acceptable form of speech?

Do you remember when America came down hard on the black English dialect
known as "ebonics" for pronouncing the "th'" sound as "ff"- as in "boff" of
us, for example?

When did it become acceptable English to drop the "g" from "ing?" Every
English teacher I ever had, taught me that the "country colloquialisms"
Palin is using aren't cute. They're improper. You got a long boring writing
assignment for saying things like... Darn, Mrs. Walker, I ken't afford no
heapin' helpin' o' lunch, 'cause I ain't got no your teacher.
It's okay informally...but in public speaking??? Running for Vice Pres?

I bet that every dedicated English teacher in America cringes when Palin
takes the podium.

So, when did "whitey-bonics" become acceptable anyway?

Lincoln was raised in a log cabin with only fire light to read by and he
didn't even talk that way!

And when did education become a detriment, as the McCain-Palin ticket is
trying to use against Obama? Right. He's too educated to be one of us but
it's okay for our next vice president to use "but if for to" and "daggone
it" in a sentence.

Chris Rock does a hilarious stand-up routine about "Blacks and Niggas" where
he says that Niggas will throw a party for a brother who just got out of
prison, then put down a brother who just graduated with a master's degree...
"So what? You think you're my master now?" (See I always
thought earning a degree was an achievement, especially when you're the
child of a single mother

Could it be the McCain camp is passing off "hee-haw" English as a quaint and
proper alternate to good speech because Sara Palin doesn't pronunciate

Just wondering.

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