Thursday, October 30, 2008


...for a reason. I used to be very liberated and sexually more open than I am now. During and after my last relationship, I closed up physically, visually, quite a bit, and I have mixed feelings about that.

However, this very nice boy named Alex came with me on tour to London. While we were there, he took beautiful photographs of me in my underpantaloons as well as in other intimate settings and show environs alike. He has managed to make me look very beautiful and I would like to share these photos with you.

Visit them here:

If you like any of these photos and you want to order any prints, I bet you can do so by emailing I'm sure you can get them in 4x6 and 8x10, possibly larger as well. They are really gorgeous photos up close and for real.

I think that at some point I will do a totally nude spread, probably about a week before my boobies start drooping and my vagina hairs turn grey. Because I want to capture my beautiful body at the peak of it's hotness. That's probably not too too far away from now. But I still have a few good hot years left. And my mom is 50, and she's a milf. And my grandmother, who is 83, while not "hot" anymore, has aged into a beautiful woman unlike the likes of many elderly people I've seen in my life. She looks amazing. I think I've got genetics on my side regarding aging. So, like, if you are say, David LaChappelle or some other amazing famous weirdo photographer and you'd like to photograph me naked, give me a call in like, 4 years.

I bet the Catholic League would love that!

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