Friday, March 20, 2009


Anyone looking for an awesome share? My friend Patrick, a very sweet, handsome, professional
dude has a large bedroom for rent in a 3 bedroom in the LES. If you are my friend, we'd be neighbor friends!

Jessica Delfino and her adorable boyfriend will be filming their appearance on the TYRA BANKS show this WEDNESDAY. Anyone want tickets to the
live taping? EMAIL ME at (The episode is about girls who carry too much crap around with them -- anyone who's ever seen me hauling my guitar, ukelele, large purse full of knick knacks and ding dongs can attest that I fit that bill pretty well.)

Ben Lerman's MATCH GAME REMAKE LIVE is this SUNDAY at 8 PM at 308 Bowery. Starring Ben, Michael Musto, Tara Leigh Copeland, Michael Musto and many more, this show is going to be so good. I was a panelist in the first show and will be
a panelist again with this esteemed crew of hilarious talkers. BE THERE. If you can't make Sunday, check out his BORSCHT variety show at The Sidewalk Cafe, tonite at 8 PM.

Jennifer Blowdryer's East Village Comix Sampler show and exhibit at The Tank yesterday was loads of fun and well attended! Here are a few pics:

More later, I'm so sure.

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