Monday, April 13, 2009

And TYRA BANKS SHOW info BELOW! (airs THIS WED April 15th!)

I'm going to be on TV a LOT this week!

JESSICA'S CHEST OF TREASURES: Episode 7: Best Episode Ever!

See it HERE on Youtube!

Or just click PLAY below:

If you are sick of watching TV on the INTERNET, catch JCOT TONITE on the REAL LIFE BOOB TUBE!

The show is on tonight at midnight in Brooklyn on channel 56 or 69, and at 2 am in Manhattan on channel 67 or 85 -- there is some extra JCOT footage on the TV version so if you want to see the whole, unbridled JCOT, watch it TONITE on TV. (Hint -- I do a tarot reading on the TV version.) Plus phone calls! Same episode, both boroughs.

Show producer/director Peter Bernard claims that I look the best ever in this episode, and DAMN I look good, but not as good as I COULD look. Wanted: Experienced MAKE UP and HAIR designer for JCOT. Email me at


A photo of me, JESSICA DELFINO is the show bumper image for the Wed. April 15th SPRING CLEANING episode on the TYRA BANKS SHOW website! Yes, that is me in that purple get up standing beside the luscious Tyra Banks. My show in which she dumps my purse full of surprises out (including my beloved pink flying V ukulele) will air THIS WED.


I don't know if 5.2 is a channel, but WWOR 9 is a channel so if you have it, watch it at 5 PM!

In NYC 10002:

WNYWDT2 5.2 Wed, Apr 15
5:00 PM Simplify Your Life: Spring Cleaning New
Tyra helps audience members simplify their lives by getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

WWOR 9 Wed, Apr 15
5:00 PM Simplify Your Life: Spring Cleaning New
Tyra helps audience members simplify their lives by getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

To find what time and channel in YOUR neck of the woods, click THIS LINK which takes you to the "enter your zip code" section on the TV GUIDE website. Press go, pick your provider, click on "TV LISTINGS" on the row of tabs at the top (in between Photos and Episodes) and look below for details. My episode is "SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE -- SPRING CLEANING".

A few notes about this show:

I was invited to be a "guest" on the show but they sat me in the AUDIENCE like some kind of commoner. (ha ha). Tyra "scoped the audience for someone with a big purse", "found me", brought me up onto the stage and then she dumped my purse out. I knew they were going to do that in advance, so I packed it with all kinds of ridiculous goodies, including my beautiful flying V uke and my keyboard and other stuff. I thought the segment looked really ridiculous but hopefully they'll "fix it in post" as they "say in the biz". (But seriously, they really did say that to me. I said, "Do you think this segment is going to come out okay? And Jessica, the segment producer, actually said, "Don't worry! They'll fix it in post!") (For those of you who know my circle of peeps, that doubles as a shout out to Jason Tburg who constantly dishes that old line!)

The funnest part of being on the show was not even actually being ON the show -- it was hanging out with the girls backstage in hair and make up. I'd like to give a shout out to, the hair website owned by the awesome Daria Wright who made my ridiculous unruly hair look like the hair of a glamourpuss when I went on Tyra's show. It's fun being a white girl with a super thick crazy mane. I'm probably the only white person in the world who black people constantly come up to and ask if they can "touch my hair". True story. Just the other day at Parkside Lounge it happened, and it happens ALL THE TIME. I love when it happens, it makes me feel so ethnic!

Someday I'll go to Harlem (where they know how to handle my hair) and get corn rows.

And while we're here, I might as well plug the awesome live show I'm doing this week:


@ Joe's Pub
featuring the fabulous Neal Medlyn, Kenny Mellman (from Kiki & Herb), Bridget Everett and a slew of other happy hilarious human beings that you know and love (below). We will all sing the top 40 hits. This show is going to be amazing. I'm SOOO excited. I won't tell you the top 40 song I'm singing but I will tell you this -- IT SUCKS!!!! But it was the best one I could find. (All the good ones, like Beyonce's All The Single Ladies were already TAKEN!)

9 PM

You can buy tickets on line and see more info at the website below:

April 15th's performers include: Jessica Delfino, Jenn Harris, Taylor Mac, Molly Pope, Lady Rizo, Adrienne Truscott, Varsity Interpretive Dance Squad, and more!

PS -- This show costs $20, but it's because it's a classy, awesome show at a fancy venue. If you have the money to splurge, COME SEE THIS SHOW! It's going to kick your ass crack horizontally into a smiley face. (above image seen pre-smiley face ass kicking)


Jessica's Chest Of Treasures on the front page of FUNNY OR DIE AGAIN!!! This is a live version of me singing my Catholic League song which show producer / director Peter Bernard posted on EASTER SUNDAY, that little devil.

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