Saturday, June 27, 2009

Phun Times in Philadelphia

Every time I go to Philly I have a good time. I did a show there on Thursday night. It was
an "all Edgar Allen Poe" themed show, with "Edgar Allen Poe" taking questions and reading
some of his poems, a 10 year old kid told the poem of the Raven with a big cardboard cut out
of a backdrop which 'killed', (I was kinda scared to follow her), Dame Darcy hosted and sang
her murder ballads and sea shantees on her banjo, a haunted witch band "Goddess" sang a
few numbers, a scholarly writer guy talked about how Poe actually belonged in Philadelphia,
and then I went up and knocked it out of the park with a few funny songs about the sorrows of love
and life. (Believe it or not, sorrow can be funny!)

Some of the highlights of the trip:

Darcy had a doll making workshop at the Latvian Society, so I jumped on the Megabus (awesome
bus with free wifi, $5-$8, sometimes $1 tickets!) at 2 and by 4 was sitting in front of clay and ribbon.
In the workshop was a really sweet girl named Becky who had a tea shop around the corner. She
invited Darcy and I over for tea, and I wasn't really sure what to expect when she said "I have a
tea shop in my living room". But it was an interesting enough statement for me to want to check
it out. We rolled up after getting a ride from a nice Latvian named Didzis, and strolled in with our
mouths dropped open. It was a beautiful little shop in a building she had purchased and remodeled
herself with the help of friends. The tea shop contained all kinds of cute little antiques and odds and
ends, including chess set tables and very cozy chairs. She made us some fresh Chai from scratch
that was literally the best Chai I've ever tasted, which we sipped in lovely dark mugs while her cute pooch
watched, napped and guarded the fort.

The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop and Becky

We couldn't stay for long, though, because my
Philadelphia Fan Club President Mike arrived shortly thereafter to whisk us away to dinner. He took
us to Horizons, a mid-fancy vegetarian joint on S. 7th Street. We ate a super delicious meal and then
went back to the show.

The show was fun and strange, highlights for me were Darcy dressed as a mermaid playing her Sea
Shantees and accidentally running into an old friend I met in Scotland named Mavi, who looked great and is so
much fun. I also really enjoyed meeting Laris, the guy who put the show together, he was really sweet.
And I had a great time bullshitting with Mike, my Philly Chapter fan club president. He's the best
fan club prez a girl could ever ask for.

Poe Show Stage

Phun times in Philadelphia
Darcy dressed as a mermaid, watching the show

I got off stage and ran out the door to catch my bus back to Philly, which I made just before it tore down
the highway.

Buses. Running. Shows with strange themes. Ahhhh the life of a performer.

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