Friday, June 26, 2009


super duper FREE show:
@ Sidewalk Cafe, Ave A at 7th St.
8 PM

An hour of Ben and Jessica trading songs, jokes and war stories.
If you've never seen Bessica perform before, this is a DO*NOT*MISS
show. The two of them have the passion of lovers and the comedy timing
of angry lovers, and are in love, but Ben is gay and Jessica only dresses
like a gay man.

Plus, look at the picture Ben made for the show -- unbelievable! Someone
come tonight and buy that man a beer.


If you haven't heard yet, duuuhhhh, the king of pop, Michael Jackson
has died. I have some theories about it (some of which involve conspiracies, hooray!)
but I won't get into them right now. Instead, I'll leave this topic for the other 50,000
carnivorous comedians to tear it apart! I'm a vegetarian. I try not to devour the remains
of the dead.

Though there are some who believe that he may have "jacked" to your "son" (I couldn't help it)
I don't believe it. Again, I have theories that I won't get into. I think he was the one who was jacked. I think his whole life was really sad. The only funny part to me are the tween girls all over the world who will be doing seances, hoping that the man in the mirror they conjure up, is in fact, Michael Jackson. (Hint: It's not. MJ wouldn't hang around with you when he was alive, and he won't be now that he's gone.)

It's also really gotten into my psyche, and got me thinking about my own mortality, and the toll that being a performer / dancing monkey has on your body and mind. I'm sure the many surgeries and drugs didn't help matters, either. And I believe he was probably realllly depressed and sad, which I truly believe will kill you quicker than anything else.

Rest In Peace, MJ.

And poor Farrah Faucet, the beautiful feathered haired actress who died of cancer. Did the press really have to share the "anal" part of her cancer so enthusiastically? Wouldn't it have just been enough to say, "She died of cancer" ? Did they really have to explain what part she had cancer in? Why drag her ass through the mud? The press has no class. It also really boggles me that a woman got anal cancer. It makes me wonder what she was doing in her free time, though I think that many kinds of cancers are hereditary. Poor Farrah! Poor MJ! Heaven help this world! Ahhhhghghhshhdhh!

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