Saturday, July 25, 2009

Adventures In London

TOUR JOURNAL Part 3: Hangin' around London

When Jena and I aren't on stage at the Soho Theatre, we walk around and take London in, do a little shopping, and perform in other little shows here and there. (Though we so far spend the majority of our time at Tesco Metro, oogling over and then purchasing their hummus, veggies and grainy bread selection.)

These are two gentlemen that we met at a little show Jena did in the basement of a bar in Soho. The one on the left was the "compare" (which is what Londoners call the emcee or host) and the one on the right was Jason Blackwell, a sweet fella who had just started doing comedy.

It says "No Smoking" on the tube but we're so hot we can't help it!

One thing I love about London are the signs. The way the English speak is terrifically hilarious to me and other dopey Americans, trompling over here, pointing out language and things that are totally normal to them and snickering at their colloquialisms.

Our leaving route signs say "EXIT", where theirs seem to offer a more philosophical approach:

There's always a way out of every hot, smelly situation.

I like the Brits signs and language in general. They're not afraid to speak frankly, in conversation or in advertising. They will even use sex to sell a salad!

These are two blokes who Jena knew -- Matt Kirsher and Nick Doody. This was the tail end of the after party for their new BBC radio show, "Bigipedia". They live in a part of town called Crouch End, where all the comedians live, the Astoria of London.

As you can see by all the bottles and cans, we had a lot of fun.

More pics and adventures to come!

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