Tuesday, July 28, 2009

UK press gives Jessica Delfino (a little piece-a) press!!

Check out what THE GUARDIAN said about good ol' J-Del, HERE

The past few nights Jena and I have been wandering around London during the day and then
doing little shows here and there at night.

Last night we did a show called Porthole Comedy, a fun and packed room with Reginald D.
Hunter supposedly headlining, but we had to run off for another adventure so we didn't get
to stick around to see him wow the crowd.

The Old Rope show followed at Phoenix bar, a show where comedians hold onto a noose to try out old material,
(so the audience knows it's old and don't laugh as much) but are encouraged to mostly
just try out new material. Jena and I didn't get to perform on that show but were treated
to a terrific 45 minute Edinburgh preview show and a nice time hanging out with pals
Nick Doody, Matt Kirshen and others.

After Old Rope we stumbled over to some underground bar to celebrate
Reggie Watts's first night at Soho Theatre. We stayed up late into the night gobbling hummus
and potatoes and other treats and Jena and I somehow made it home using public transportation
at around 4:30 am, though the tube stops running at about midnight.

Tonight we went to a show with comedian friend Tom Webb called "Pink Dinner" in which just about
everything on the menu was pink, and after dinner, drinks and desert, we were treated to a vibrator
demonstration and then given a free $185 sex toy called "The Sassy". Isn't that the name of the
motorized lawn-mower type car thingy that the elderly use to get around grocery stores? Oh, no --
that's "The Jazzy" I think.

We've got just a few nights left in London. We're going to see Reggie's show tomorrow night at the Soho Theatre,
which is on until Aug 8, Thurs we're at Comedy at the Cat, then Friday Jena leaves to go shoot a feature
film in Florence, Italy and I go to do spots in Brixton at Prince Albert's Pub and later at The Comedy Store.
Saturday, I am going to perform at Duckie and Sunday I head to Edinburgh, where my show will be every night
from Aug 6-25 at Jekyll and Hyde Pub at 9:55 (21:55) PM. It's a FREE show!

Hope to see you there!!

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