Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is going back in time a bit, but here are some photos from a great show I did in London called Offline. I met Mike a few years ago when he did his show at Brixton Jamm and every time I go back to London I do his show.

Jena was supposed to be in the show but she got booked to do a spot at The Comedy Store and so of course, she couldn't say no.

This poster makes my eyes look fat.

The shows are going well and I'm excited to see what happens tonight. Every night is a mystery, a challenge and a dream, all mixed into one. Whether it's a good or a bad dream depends on the night, the amount of alcohol involved and my attitude, which is as varied as the flavors of crisps in this country -- salt and bacon, chicken and chives, steak and tomatoes -- ok so maybe those aren't actual flavors but they're not far off.

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