Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well, I'm not gonna really get into it -- just take a look for yourself.
Photographer Adam Levy was there to capture it all on film. The show was good last night, standing room only. The show tonight wasn't as packed but it was higher energy and the crowd was having more fun, I think, even with the technical difficulties. And there was a radio interviewer lady who said she wanted to interview me tomorrow when she was more sober. And I sold two pairs of "pants"! (That's what the brits call underwear / knickers / panties.)

In total tonight, I performed at 5 venues in 5 different shows. I performed on variety shows at The Voodoo Room which is a gorgeous venue, with ornate walls, ceilings and lovely velvet chairs, the Counting House which I like very much though it's really hot in there, my show at Jekyll & Hyde, and then afterwards I performed in The Cave or something, in some guy's show I met on the Royal Mile, and then finally I ended up on Todd Womack's show -- an old Good Morning America "Make Us Laugh All Night Long" competition alumni.

On my way home I was feeling a little lonely and exhausted and hungry so I made the most pathetic purchase of my life -- a fucking chip wich. In America, a chip wich is one of those yummy ice cream sandwiches between two cookies. But here, it's a pita bread stuffed with french fries. I. am. disgusting. But god damn, it was good.

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