Sunday, August 2, 2009


This review on of my performance at Latitude Festival is bitter-sweet, as it side-by-side, disses a famous American comedian who I respect and admire, yet it says some really flattering, nice things about me. I just took out the whole opening part about the other comedian, because a) I find the comedian to be great -- seen comedian about 4 times now in NYC and loved every set and b) I think they are a little harsher than they need to be. But to set it up, they kinda talk shit on said comedian for about 6 sentences (nothing too harsh, though, really) and then go into this part:

At least there was one US comedienne who knew how to keep a tent full of grubby individuals entertained: Jessica Delfino’s sickly-sweet psycho-bitch persona was a treat, and she even managed the rare feat of singing comedy songs that were actually funny. Expect to hear a lot more from her.

Read the whole entire detailed, extended review (it's really long) of the Edinburgh Fringe Fest, including a review of Jeffrey Lewis HERE.

I'm on the train to Edinburgh and there's WIFI on the train -- how fancy! I'm flying through the countryside and still able to check my Facebook account. Yessss! More to come later.

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