Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've been "on the road" now for 20 days -- nearly a month it's been, since I left my comfy Lower East Side digs to travel to foreign international cities and take them by storm.

And what a storm it's been.

It rains nearly every day here in the UK -- most London mornings begin with a light pissing of rain and the sun is out by the time I wake up, around noon. JK. Or am I?

In Scotland, a creepy, dark, overcast cornflower blue takes over the top half of the world and I'm left to wonder -- will it rain? Shall it? Until it either does, with enthusiasm, or the sun bursts out and says, "Ha! Tricked you again, ya stupid American!"

Yesterday was my second day in Edinburgh, my first full day, technically. I arrived from the train to meet my flat wranglers who held a sign with my name written on it which made me feel totally famous. They then carried my suitcases for me, even though I insisted I could do it myself, and then we took a ride in a beautiful little Audi with the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car.

Upon arriving at the flat, my mouth dropped open. This is by far one of the most luxurious places I've stayed in while on tour, or really ever.

Here are a few pixxies -- though they really don't do it justice how amazing this place is.

This place is literally littered with skylights, if litter went on the ceiling instead of the floor.The ladder is metaphorical, going up towards heaven, but leading to nowhere.

This is the view out every window in the house. Arthur's Seat is a small mountain-ette that got it's name from a giant who would go sit on it to think, so it's sort of toilet-esque, but much prettier.

Boring but lovely, our kitchen area is vast and there is one Italian and one Jew in the household, both delightfully miserable in their own ways, so needless to say, this area will be getting a lot of use, and is already a popular household hot spot.

It's still quiet here in Edinburgh, as the festival doesn't technically begin until the 5th or 6th of August. But once it does, the city will swell and overflow with folks from all over the world, here to either find something or lose something, mostly.

Edinbrurgh is a really gorgeous city with all kinds of lovely sights to look at. Well, here are two, now!

The Assembly Rooms is an old churchy, magnificent looking building, high on top of a hill (and a large staircase, shown here) where they have shows.

The castle is their version of the Empire State Building.

This is an example of whyI so very much love the UK. This is a news item that was on the front page of the London Evening Standard website, a main stream public news source. Take that, America, ya bunch of uptight old Puritanical doo doo faces who won't let me sing my sassy-yet-revered songs on TV!

By the way, which do y'all prefer -- morning or nighttime, yourselves? (That's a reference to the above item, must click on above link to understand!)

My show starts THIS THURSDAY. All the information is to the right. Many of the shows in the festival are 5 - 15 pounds a ticket or more. That is at least one good reason to come and see my awesome FREE show.

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